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Weser-Trans: Growing with focus on the essentials

Instead of investing in the purchase of shipping software, the rapidly expanding Weser-Trans Bremen GmbH rents the transport management system MAXFLEX.


Dejan Ilic, Weser-TransTo make everything right from the start. With this resolution Dejan Ilic together with his wife Sladjana founded in 2011 the Weser-Trans Bremen GmbH. Since he lacked entrepreneurial experience, the native Serb soon contacted Dieter Neuhof from the management consultancy Inova specializing in forwarding. Until today Ilic discusses with him every important step before it is put into practice. Dejan Ilic is convinced that “that is very well invested money, because thanks to Inova we could always control our rapid growth very solidly”.

The core business is always at the focus. Weser-Trans specializes in temperature-controlled transports, which are carried out with 34 of their own vehicles. When buying new trucks Ilic pays great attention to the comfort factor for his drivers, who thank him with great commitment and loyalty. When investing in software the entrepreneur is, however, cautious. In 2014 his fleet had, however, reached a size where it was no longer possible to dispatch – let alone manage – with Excel lists.

In this situation, Dieter Neuhof recommended the rental software MAXFLEX, which is based on the transport management system cargo support dispo. Dejan Ilic explains that “we immediately liked the hiring of software because thus our financial scope for the further expansion of our fleet has not been restricted”. Consultant Neuhof already knew the proposed solution from other projects in which it was always able to prevail. The decisive reason being mostly the practical calculation of costs and high flexibility. “The software fits any size of business and all input masks can be quickly adapted to the personal needs,” says Sladjana Ilic, who is responsible for accounting at Weser-Trans.

No Contractual Obligation

With its functions MAXFLEX covers the complete order management. These include the areas quoting, billing, order entry, dispatching, feedback and control. “Even vacation planning and fleet management we do now with MAXFLEX” says Sladjana Ilic. Weser-Trans has also added the modules for document management and loading equipment administration. If for any reason questions occur about the function of individual modules, a quick call to MAXFLEX is mostly sufficient. “The service is friendly and fast, there is always someone accessible and promises are fulfilled,” Sladjana Ilic summarizes.

At MAXFLEX customers do not enter a contractual obligation and only pay for the actually accessed services. “The costs thereby comply with the number of trucks, and not – as usual – with the number of workplaces in the company,” Dejan Ilic emphasizes. Should the fleet once have to be reduced the monthly rental costs, which are calculated from 5.25 EUR per vehicle, would reduce as well.

Exact Costs

Speaking of costs, with MAXFLEX Dejan Ilic can now obtain at any time a detailed overview of the business situation. “All processes are transparent and I can, for example, immediately check the payment behavior of individual customers before I accept new orders,” describes the entrepreneur. The economic benefit is great and creates appetite for more:

The advantages for you: MAXFLEX reduces costs and keeps you totally flexible. From 5.25 Euros per month and per truck you can rely on a sophisticated and field-tested solution, which allows you to control your shipping agency perfectly. Another advantage: you have no contractual obligation, you can cancel monthly at any time or add services. Try it, without any risk for you. An overview of the prices you will find here. MAXFLEX – Shipping is as easy as that.

In November 2015, Weser-Trans decided to hire additionally the cost accounting module Costing from MAXFLEX. “In this context, we now capture in our company all cost centers and cost factors so that in future MAXFLEX can calculate even more precisely”, Ilic plans. Then, for example, the breakeven point of the corresponding order is already visible at capturing or dispatching.

At Weser-Trans up to seven employees work with MAXFLEX. Besides Dejan Ilic, the system is used by the three dispatchers, the billing and accounting departments, as well as the employees of pallet management. Dejan Ilic states “You can clearly feel that MAXFLEX is based on the large-scale solution cargo support dispo”. There are no restrictions in the daily work and due to the high user-friendliness all employees got along with the system after a few days.

Easy Conversion

A further advantage of MAXFLEX is the easy scalability as well as the flexible expansion possibilities. “If our fleet continues to grow, we must perhaps once again consider the purchase of a software,” muses Dejan Ilic. If it comes to that, he would definitely opt for cargo support dispo. Firstly you feel in good hands with the supplier and secondly such a change would be very straightforward: “The purchase of cargo support dispo would therefore be possible without further training and the adaptation of our employees very easy”.

Background: Weser-Trans Bremen GmbH

Fuhrpark, Weser-TransWeser-Trans Bremen GmbH is an internationally operating, owner-managed logistics service provider who specializes in temperature-controlled transportation in the distribution and long-distance transport. The transported goods include amongst other things food and medication. The company with headquarters in Bremen was founded in 2011 by Dejan Ilic, employs 64 employees and operates its own fleet of 34 trucks. Further information you will find at

Background: MAXFLEX Software

MAXFLEX Software GmbH & Co. KG specializes in the renting of integrated shipping software and is thus aimed at transport companies with smaller fleets. The solution MAXFLEX is based on the proven, widely used software cargo support dispo and supports the complete order processing from order entry through dispatching and feedback to billing.

MAXFLEX Shipping software for rent

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