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The premium amount varies according to the arbitrated license turnover of the recruited company. If you want to recruit a friendly company as a MAXFLEX customer, please send us an email to with the subject “Clients recruit clients” and tell us the complete company address and a contact person at the recruited company.

The payment of the bonus takes place after a minimum rental period of 3 months and fully paid software leasing. If companies are recruited by different MAXFLEX customers, the customer who first reported the recruited company by email to MAXFLEX gets the bonus. Join us!

Monthly license turnoveron-off payment
up to 50,00 €63,00 €
up to 75,00 €94,00 €
up to 100,00 €125,00 €
up to 125,00 €157,00 €
up to 150,00 €188,00 €
up to 175,00 €219,00 €
up to 200,00 €250,00 €
up to 225,00 €282,00 €
up to 250,00 €313,00 €
up to 275,00 €344,00 €
from 276,00 €345,00 €

MAXFLEX – Shipping is as easy as that: With MAXFLEX you hire professional and field-tested shipping software. Starting at 5.25 euros per month and truck you can simplify the daily routines and through modules you can add special functions. Everything completely transparent, cost-effective and completely without a contractual binding! Thus you always have your costs under control and can quickly react to market changes. More information you will find here.

  • Fair prices
  • No binding contract
  • Cancelation on a monthly basis

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