MAXFLEX – the professional shipping software for rent!

Ideal for small and medium-sized shipping agencies.

  • fair prices
  • sophisticated solution
  • without contractual commitment
  • low investment costs
  • recommended by many partners
Maxflex Figur
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Maxflex Figur
Maxflex Figur

Provides everything you need. At low cost!

Why? Because the forwarding software MAXFLEX is based on one of the leading industry solutions – but as a rental solution!

Small forwarding agency does not necessarily mean small requirement. We know this. Therefore all functions which we have developed with the major operators and which really simplify your daily business are also available to you in our rental version. For different industries the shipping software MAXFLEX offers many specific functions such as the turnround function for container transport. What does it cost? Little, but calculate yourself.

You can with pleasure find under the navigation point “About us” in the footer why we developed our software like this and not otherwise.

Low investment,
small costs!

Keep your liquidity and flexibility and rent only what you really need. Starting at 5.75 Euros per vehicle per month you can rent the shipping software MAXFLEX.

Why? Because the industry is tough enough: low margins, legal regulations, uncertain markets and high competitive pressure. And the traffic conditions are also not getting better. So you have already enough to think about. MAXFLEX helps you to get an easy grip on problems like forgotten orders, too many empty runs, late billing, no overview of profitable customers, no active dunning processes or the loss of time and the errors by multiple data capture!

Let MAXFLEX work for you!

Why? Because much can be automated!

From order entry to dispatching up to billing. Examples: availability of drivers and trucks are automatically checked by MAXFLEX, documents are automatically archived and copied, invoices automatically created and data submitted to accounting and tax consultants.

More information you can find here.

With MAXFLEX you can concentrate on the essentials!

Why? Because you internally create order with the shipping software MAXFLEX!

By eliminating manual steps, you not only gain time, you also avoid mistakes, forget no costs and increase customer satisfaction by prompt and reliable service. And you can take care of the development of your company – completely relaxed and without stress.

Maxflex Transporter
Maxflex Figur

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Inexpensive and fair – you pay per truck and only for the modules actually used. If you reduce your fleet, you of course pay less!
  • Completely without any risk – you can cancel monthly, order additional modules or withdraw them.
  • Full flexibility – interfaces to accounting and telematics systems as well as transport platforms such as TRANSPREON open up many possibilities.
  • Be informed on the road as well – with the MAXFLEX Driver-App (Android) you can communicate at any time and directly with your drivers and service staff.
  • Secure shipping software MAXFLEX is no cloud solution. You keep your data in your own system.
  • Professional and field-tested – With MAXFLEX you settle on the rental solution of experienced industry professionals. Because cargo support [dispo], one of the leading shipping software solutions for large shipping companies and international logistics service, serves as the basis.

Become more familiar with MAXFLEX: