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Fair prices, low costs, no contractual obligation

The shipping software MAXFLEX is perfect for small and medium-sized shipping companies

You want professional shipping software, but shy away from the high investment costs? Then MAXFLEX is exactly right for you. Because you rent a true all-rounder for a fixed monthly price, which facilitates your daily operations and the daily routines through automation and smart features.

The solution is based on the shipping software cargo support [dispo] used by international and national shipping companies and is optimized for daily operations in shipping of small and medium shipping companies –equipped with many intelligent functions which the industry’s major players use as well. The prices are low, the costs are always transparent and adaptable because of the fair contract model with the possibility of a monthly cancellation.

The advantages for you: The basic version of MAXFLEX can of course be extended by optional packages (modules) at any time. In addition to a document management system, a loading equipment administration and vacation management for the employees, with Map & Guide a route planning module is as well available. And the MAXFLEX driver app is also on board. Thus MAXFLEX offers true flexibility at low cost – individual modules can be booked monthly or even cancelled. Depending on requirements and the current situation. We call that fair.

MAXFLEX – Shipping is as easy as that.

The prices of MAXFLEX at a glance

Now just rent what you need. And thus save!

Net prices per truck per month
up to 10 trucks
up to 20 trucks
up to 30 trucks 1
  • Single, multi-user and multi-tenancy
  • No restriction on the number of workplaces or clients
  • Powerful MySQL database
  • Offer administration
  • Order entry and order import (e. g. Excel)
  • Extensive tariff system
  • Tabular and graphical dispatching plan (Gantt chart)
  • Customer invoicing, dunning and credit limit control
  • Cost accounting, reports and evaluations
  • Transmission of orders
  • Transmission of stop waypoints and via waypoints
  • Automatic transmission of changes in order data
  • Integrated phone function
  • News Manager: sending free text messages
  • Print Function in the truck*
  • Localization and fleet status²

*Mobile printer in the cab must be available.

With the “ETA” add-on you can look into the future and identify transport problems for current or subsequent orders more quickly. With LiveDispo and the  ETA add-on to The Driver App, this becomes a reality. The dispatcher receives a permanent overview of the individual transports in real time. The dispatcher is relieved and only has to intervene in the event of a conflict.

With the Web Portal you are now available to your customers around the clock. Compact and clear, this Internet portal offers your customers access to the information that really interests them. Thanks to complete integration with the MAXFLEX Software, the data is always up-to-date and the customer has all information, such as vehicle location, shipment tracking or related papers immediately available.

• Order overview
• Tracking & Tracing
• Loading point & incoming list
• Integration of Subcontractors

  • Map Europe City with 7-digit postcode GB and 6-digit postcode NL
  • Truck-specific route calculation
  • (Truck attributes)
  • Toll calculation in Germany and abroad
  • Special tolls (e. g. tunnel tolls, bridges)
  • Display of vehicle positions and fleet status ³
  • Automatic archiving of all outgoing documents (order confirmation, invoice)
  • Simple linking of all order-related files (Office, PDF)
  • Easy storage via drag & drop
  • Automatic linking of all scanned, incoming documents (consignment notes, pallet note) with the registered order in the basis software by barcode integration (single and bulk import possible)
  • Concurrent access by several people
  • Document history through storing multiple revisions
  • and much more

For their own digitizing of paper documents powerful scanners are needed.

Functions (Excerpt)

  • Automatic posting of loading equipment movements
  • Registration of loading equipment exchange
  • Manual booking of loading equipment movements
  • Creating loading equipment accounts
  • Movement lists
  • Account balances
  • Loading equipment billing

Functions (Excerpt)

  • Year-related vacation accounts
  • Automatic administration of the remaining days of vacation
  • Overview on accepted and refused vacations
  • Form “leave pass”
  • Chart of your own vacations and deadlines
  • Separate vacation administration for HR

Interface accounting
1,50 €
1,25 €
1,00 €

Interface to telematics
3,75 €
3,25 €
3,00 €

Special interfaces
Price for operation

Thanks to years of experience with interface programming and support, the order interfaces offer a secure way of transmitting data. By expanding the pure data import to include a variety of logic, the data is not only made available in a structured manner, but also qualitatively prepared for easy transfer to MAXFLEX Software. This saves the employees a great deal of manual processing.

• Checking of missing order data
• Automatic information to the client
• Connection to the MAXFLEX Web portal for the client
• Automated entry of subsequent data

Transparency for Your Customers in Real-time. All information along the transport chain is expertly prepared for your customers.

The interface “TR02” is used for communication between the shipping agents (trucking companies) and the quay handling companies and in the near future also for the empty container depots. The specifications for the interface and their operation are provided from the two major Hamburg container terminal operators EUROGATE and Logistik AG (HHLA).

Automated Time Slot Booking at the Terminal. Always the right time slot at the right time, with minimal effort:

  • Automated electronic pre-registration with tour plan registration
  • Automated grouping of combined containers at the terminal
  • Automatic calculation of the necessary time slot window
  • Automatic request, booking and exchange of slots

Receive the certified weighing logs quickly and digitally.

Interface / Driver App Add on: Digital POD (Blockchain)
0,50 € per container 4

Basic setup, training and support
One-time fee
  • Installation server / database
  • Installation of workstations / clients

The amount of training required depends on the previous knowledge of the user, the intended use of the software (e.g. partial and full loads, container traffic in the seaport or in the hinterland) and the scope of the modules and interfaces booked. In the consultation, the expected training effort is determined together and shown in your offer as a training contingent. Unused hours from the training contingent will of course not expire, but will be credited to your support contingent.

The amount of training required depends on the previous knowledge of the user and interfaces booked. In the consultation, the expected training effort is determined together and shown in your offer as a training contingent. Unused hours from the training contingent will of course not expire, but will be credited to your support contingent.

Registration at the port system Hamburg through "Dakosy"
425,00 €

Programming of individual forms per hour
106,25 €

Extension of the support or training quota per hour 4
106,25 €

On-site training / Monday - Friday 5 / per day
850,00 €

Installation (Driver-App / Server) / per device
15,00 €

Fee for license changes / per license change
25,00 €

Legend: (1) Prices starting from 30 trucks on request, (2) Requires the route planning module (Map & Guide / XSERVER), (3) Requires Driver-App (Android), (4) minimum / month 7,50, € (5) settlement per unit of 15 minutes against allocations, (6) plus travel and accommodation costs

You would like to know how favorable the shipping software MAXFLEX as a leasing model is for you? Then work out your price with our calculator.


  • Fair prices
  • No binding contract
  • Cancelation on a monthly basis

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